Year 9 Engineering

In Year 9 you will have two lessons per week over the year. There are three units of work to complete; each designed to help you develop engineering knowledge and skills.

In Year 9 you will :-

  • Keep a lesson by lesson diary that will show your progression throughout the year.
  • Answer questions set for each of the units ( *press on the Year 9 Assessments button)
  • Be regularly tested and assessed.
  • Complete tasks and upload evidence for assessment in the google classroom environment.
  • Learn about bridges and make models.
  • Learn how to follow and read an engineering drawing.
  • ‘Engineer’ a product or products using tools and equipment.
  • Learn how principles of mathematics, science and technology are used by the engineer (stem).
  • Carry out a ‘Make and no design task’, ‘Design and make task’, ‘Design and no make task’ and a ‘Group presentation task’.
Your safety and that of your peers is very important in Paignton Academy, and it will not be compromised due to any poor behaviour. Follow the workshop rules. Always have respect for your own safety and the safety of everyone around you.