Understanding and Experimenting with Bridge Structures

Bridges span rivers, estuaries, roads and valleys. Bridges help to connect communities and dramatically cut down travel times.

Bridges can be very simple in construction or they can use the very latest developments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Bridges are amazing examples of engineering, and that is why you will study them in year 9. Check out these amazing Bridges ... 


Models of bridges are fun to make and test to destruction!

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There is a practical challenge set for each bridge structure. There are lots of opportunities to stretch and challenge yourself. Discuss with your teacher and have a go. You may work independently or in a team.

Bridges can twist or bend under severe weather conditions which can have disastrous consequences. In order to prevent this from happening bridges must be stiff enough to resist this movement. The material  from which the bridge is made must be strong enough to withstand the load which is placed upon it.