Year 8 Tasks …………………………………………March & April 2020

Year 8 Engineers

Here are a range of tasks that you can carry out at home.

Work your way through the tasks as instructed to do so in Class Charts

You will need paper or a notebook, pencils, pens, ruler, rubber…. all of the usual stuff!!


Name each of the tools and equipment shown in the pictures, and write sentences that describe how you could use them. Or how they are used by Engineers.
Challenge yourself to produce labelled sketches and drawings of as many of them as you can. Or produce a really good sketch of your favourite hand tool.
Which of the tools shown is a piece of "Fixed Equipment"? Can you say why it is known as fixed equipment?
Which piece of equipment is used to permanently join metal? How does it work? Hint: Soldering
Centre Punch, Needle File, Ball Peen Hammer, Forstner Bit, Glue Gun, Toggle Clamp, Double Sided Tape, Twist Drill, Machine Vice, Hand Vice, Files, Bench Vice, Engineers Ruler, Try Square, soldering Iron, Forming Block


Your task is to produce a stage by stage guide that explains how to make the USB Light. You could even challenge yourself to produce a leaflet .                       

Stage by stage making of the Lamp is shown below

TASK 3 Engineering Keywords

You have a Year 8 Engineering Knowledge organiser.

If you do not you can download one here:

Read read through the list of Engineering Keywords shown on the Knowledge Organiser.

Your task is to create a table of the Engineering keywords and their meanings.

Engineering Keyword Meaning of Keyword

TASK 4 Engineering Keywords used in sentences

Your task is to write sentences that include each of the Engineering Keywords

Here is an example.

The aluminium used  to make the USB light front was malleable.