WJEC level 1/2 Engineering ( Specification from September 2022 )

This WJEC Vocational Award in Engineering will develop your knowledge and understanding of the engineering sector and provide you with opportunities to develop associated practical skills. It covers manufacturing engineering products, designing engineering products, and solving engineering problems which focuses on how modern engineering has had an impact on modern-day life at home, work, and in society in general.

So you have three Units to complete, two of which are internally assessed and externally moderated, and one is an Externally marked examination.

  •  (40%) Unit 1 is a make-without design task in which you showcase your practical skills...Read Drawings, Plan to make, and Make......The examination board will set this task for you and our wonderful technical support team, Rob and Ms. Baker will ensure you have everything you need in the workshop.

  • (20%) Unit 2, a graphics-based "Re-Engineering" of the product you engineered for unit 1...what improvements would you make?...... The examination board will set this task for you and Mr. Mckenna will help you prepare for this task.

  • (40%) Unit 3, an examination full of questions about the wonderful world of Engineering, there are lots of past papers to refer to!! Mr. Mckenna will ensure you have lots of past papers to refer to.  There is an example here to download. 

You also have a range of Knowledge Organisers to download and refer to as you work through your Home learning tasks and each of the Units. 


Your two-year course has been broken down into chunks or sections that make it easy to follow, understand, and most of all enjoy.

Each section has been put into a PDF for you to look at on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone, so you can learn in school, at home, or on the move.