What do Engineers do?

Engineers are practical people who solve problems. They either use tools to solve the problem themselves, or they have the knowledge to direct other engineers to use tools to solve problems.

Some Engineers work independently, are self-employed and work freelance from office space or their home. They will do site work and will sometimes have to travel.

For example a Self Employed plumber would use a spanner to tighten a compression fitting in a water pipe to stop a water leak. Or an Electrician would use multimeter to find an electrical fault in a house.

Freelance Engineers source their own clients and will specialise in one area of Engineering, like Aerospace Engineering for example. Or a Design Engineer may sit at a desk in an office or at home and produce Engineering designs for a client.

Plumbers, Electricians, Car mechanics, Refrigeration Engineers, Lift engineers and Design Engineers are only a few of the many different and varied jobs that engineers do.

Engineering isn’t always dirty hands and oily overalls; engineering starts with the design process, which is followed by the testing
and building phases and, finally the maintenance of the engine, building or structure that has been developed.

Every product used by man has had an engineer work on it. Think about a smart phone; a team of engineers will have worked to design it, put together suitable electronic systems so that it runs smoothly and manufacture the finished product.

Engineering is a vast vocation that is ever expanding.

Engineers are the people who look to improve the efficiency of, and to make more effective, everyday devices.

Engineers can be innovative - who ever thought of building a unit to carry people beyond our planet and into outer space? An engineer.

And who knows where else developments in engineering will take us in the next 10 years? Engineers will always be part of it, do you want to be a part of it?

There is a vast array of roles within engineering.

A production engineer might work on a shop floor, making and assembling parts of system.
This will involve working with tools and a having a good level of manual dexterity.

A maintenance engineer will be employed to ensure the safe working of machines used in the manufacture of goods.

A welder looks at fixing materials together in structures, using a welding torch.

A chemical engineer will work in a laboratory, testing the use of chemicals in a product.