Unit 2 Questions

Unit 2: Engineering in society.

What is engineering?

  1. Write a sentence that clearly explains what engineering is.
  2. Give examples that help to explain your definition of engineering.
  3. Write paragraphs about an engineered product that you use either in school, at home or as part of your hobby. Try and describe how the engineer has used knowledge of science, mathematics and technology to make the product.

Engineering sectors.

  1. Why do we have different engineering sectors?
  2. Make a list of five different engineering sectors.
  3. Produce a table that helps to give a full explanation of the different engineering sectors.
  4. Produce a paragraph about an engineering organisation. Say what the organisation produces, and how society benefits from what the organisation produces.
  5. Are there any disadvantages to society as a result of what the organisation produces?

Engineering materials.

  1. Name the three types of metal used by engineers
  2. What is a ferrous metal?
  3. What is a non-ferrous metal?
  4. Name the three classifications of wood used by engineers.
  5. Name the two different classifications of plastic used by engineers.
  6. What is a smart material?
  7. What property of a material measures its ability to move and flex in different directions without breaking?
  8. What property of a material measures its ability to stand up to lots of forces without it bending, shattering or permanently changing shape in any way?
  9. What property describes the ability of a material change shape permanently?
  10. What is a measure of a materials ability to stretch without breaking or snapping.
  11. Describe a materials property of malleability.
  12. If a material can be repeatedly struck with a heavy weight without breaking, what property does it have?

Science, Technology and mathematics in Engineering.