Year 10 Engineers Work March 2020 onwards

Home Learning from March 2020

You are going to be given work to complete independently at home.

This work will be posted in Classcharts, your google classroom and

You will upload evidence to the google classroom.

The evidence that you upload will mostly be in the form of a quality photograph.

Here is a summary of the engineering curriculum for home learning

Sketching and Drawing

  • Get all your equipment ready.
  • Produce a study of the human eye showing the primary and secondary features.
  • Produce a study of Gears used by Engineers to transfer energy in mechanical systems.
  • Produce a study of Pulleys used by Engineers to transfer energy in lifting equipment.
  • Use Isometric paper to produce 3D Drawings.
  • Produce an exploded drawing.
  • Produce an Orthographic drawing.

Unit 1 Re Engineering an Engineered Product

  • Produce a study of an engineered product showing the primary and secondary features.
  • Read a Design Brief and write a Specification for an Engineered Product.
  • Produce labelled Sketches and drawings of a Re-Engineered Product.
  • Produce 3D Models of a Re-Engineered product using Computer Aided Design.
  • Produce an Orthographic Drawing of your completed Re Engineered Product.