tools and equipment

Engineers use tools, in fact they use lots and lots of different tools. Engineers even make tools for particular projects that need special tooling.
There are so many different types of tools that its necessary to put them into three different categories; Hand Tools, Portable Tools and Fixed Equipment.
Undertsanding the terms will help you
TOOL: A device or implement used by an engineer, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function or task.
TOOLS: Devices used by engineers to carry out out tasks
TOOLING: This term refers to Machine tools and the tooling, such as cutting tools, fixtures, and accessories, that is used on them. Cutting tool (machining), any of hundreds of kinds of cutters.
EQUIPMENT: Used by engineers to carry out practical tasks, take measurements or record information.
  1. Name each tool or piece of equipment, state the tool category, and write sentences to describe its use.
  2. Extend your research by finding out about a wider range of tools and equipment, stating the name of the tool or equipment, its category and include descriptive sentences outlining its use.
  3. Name and describe a range of tools and equipment that you have used.
A really useful website is, and this link with take you to the tools and equipment section
This link takes you to the power tool section
  • Click on a button to find images of different tools and equipment, and then complete the above task for each category.  Challenge yourself to add all information to a well ordered table of information.