The Year 8 Engineered Products: The Aluminium Elephant, Accessories Stand and The Bug House

In Year 8 you will have a Seven week module in which you will be given the opportunity to make a safe product and develop engineering skills.
Here is an example of what you are going to make in Year 8.
Can you say why anyone would use this product and what they would use it for?

By the End of  this Module you will:-

  • Have developed important Engineering Skills.

  • Written a Design Brief and a Specification. 

  • Practised drawing ideas and adding descriptive labels.

  • Have marked out, shaped and formed materials.

  • Be able to name tools and equipment.

  • Developed skills using tools and equipment.

  • Used 2D Design to produce drawings.

  • Have worked safely in the workshop to make an Engineered product.