The Year 8 Assessment Task: Set up and use a drawing board

Setting up and using a drawing Board.

For this task you are going to set up and use a drawing board.

You will be shown how to do this.

Its important to remember that the drawing board, and drawing tools are tools used by the Engineer.

Your teacher will instruct you to use the drawing board and tools to produce any of the following:-

  • A Diary sheet for your project.

  • A Plan drawing of the workshop.

  • 3D Drawings

  • A range of dimensioned shapes

After you have completed your drawings you will be given the opportunity to make a self assessment of your own work.

Then you can aspire to achieve higher levels of learning.

When you have Completed your task answer as many of the following questions as you can...Then Self Assess.


  1. Write a sentence that clearly describes what you have draw?

  2. What tools have you used to produce the drawing?

  3. What size paper have you drawn on? What other sizes of paper could you draw on?

  4. What do you have to do to ensure that your drawing is accurate?

  5. What did you find difficult about using the drawing board?

  6. What types of line did you use to construct your drawing?

  7. How can you draw Horizontal lines using the Drawing board and tools?

  8. What other tools do engineers use to produce accurate drawings?

  9. What does the acronym CAD stand for?