Engineering Sectors and Organisations

Engineering Sectors

Engineering is an incredibly broad field, and it can be confusing to understand all of the different types and disciplines within Engineering.
To make it all a little bit easier to follow, Engineering is split up into different key sectors. These sectors do often rely on the support of other sectors, but that just makes it confusing again!
The table below should help you understand.


Engineering Organisations provide Services and Products to customers, clients or even students.

Customers can be people just like me or you, or they can be large Engineering Organisations like Rolls Royce, BMW, Airbus, Nokia, Ford or British Petroleum.

As you can see from the table below many Engineering Organisations fit into different categories or Sectors. Find out more by clicking on the button below.



Look at the images below.

  • Identify the engineering sector

  • Name the engineered product or service that is represented.

Challenge yourself

  • List THREE key scientific principles that apply to the engineered product or service.

  • Present your answer in form of a table with the appropriate column headings