Make a Decorative Box

Making this decorative little box is an excellent way to develop your practical skills, and your ability to independently select and use tools, equipment, and understand the application of processes. 
You will learn how to accurately mark out, and drill diameter 4mm and 8mm holes and use a Forster bit to create a deep blind hole.
You will use files to shape and form ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
You will apply oil to finish and protect softwood and plywood.
Use a disk sander to work wood-based materials, and a buffing wheel to polish metals.
You will also learn how to locate and fix hinges on your box.
Your tasks:-
Study the engineering drawings for the box and decorative features.
Produce a materials list of all the materials that you will need to make the box.
Produce sentences that describe the sequence you will follow to make the box. You may wish to produce a flow chart.
Collect all of the materials that you will need.
Your first practical task is to follow a drawing to make your metal feature. You will have an opportunity to work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You will be able to “feel” the difference between each type of metal as you work with them.
Follow the drawings provided to mark out the position of the screw holes with a center punch.
Drill holes in your metal feature for the screws to pass through into the Plywood lid.
Apply oil and permanently fix your polished metal feature to the lid.
Drill a deep blind hole in the base using a 45mm Diameter Forstner bit,
Secure the lid and base together using two brass hinges.

Mark out and drill the deep blind hole into the wooden base using the Forstner bit. Make sure the machine vice is secured to the drilling table with at least two G Cramps; Forstner bits create a large turning force!!

Repeat the same operation to produce a shallow blind hole to a depth of only 1mm..Perfect way to accurately Locate the Acrylic disk to the underside of the lid.

Cut out your acrylic disk and secure it tightly to underside of lid using a glue gun; be careful, Glue Guns Get Can Cause Burns!!

Locate lid onto the Box base, and use the Disc Sander to blend the lid and box to create a seamless join.

Apply a few coats of oil, and enjoy your new decorative box!!