Information about Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships have recently undergone a considerable
makeover and are becoming an increasingly popular and
credible route into successful careers. They enable young
people like you to work in paid employment whilst training
in a specific job role and gaining qualifications at an
appropriate level.
Progression through the various levels is possible, with Level
4 being broadly equivalent to a foundation degree. Their
strength is in enabling the apprentice to develop practical
skills as well as understand the principles underpinning their
work. Work contracts are usually for the duration of the
Apprenticeship and should be for at least a year.
Engineering Apprenticeships allow for ‘on the job’ training
in a particular field of engineering, whilst studying for a
qualification and earning money.
Currently, there are 3 strands of the apprenticeship that must
be completed in order to achieve. Whilst at work, assessments
are carried out based on the apprentices’ job role to prove their
Alongside work, apprentices are also expected to complete a
qualification- at an appropriate level - to allow them to develop
knowledge to underpin their job role. The third strand can
sometimes be achieved prior to beginning an Apprenticeship.
It is necessary for all apprentices to have evidence of suitable
qualifications in English, maths and ICT, at the appropriate level.
If an apprentice has not already achieved this, Functional Skills
qualifications in English, maths and ICT, at the appropriate level,
can be completed.

The National Apprenticeship Service gives information about
what Apprenticeships are and how they work. The website is
particularly useful as a general introduction to help you and
your parents/carers understand the opportunities that an
Apprenticeship offers. There is also an Apprenticeship vacancy
matching service which details all of the Apprenticeship
vacancies that are available for young people to apply for.

All About Careers is another generic information site which
you will find useful for information about Apprenticeships.
The website has lots of general information about the various
types of apprenticeship and what they involve and also
specific sections of various sectors including stereotypes and
misconceptions and videos of people in the roles discussing
their work. You can even take a Career Test to indicate your
suitability and sign up for updates.

This web based Apprenticeship Guide covers everything you
need to know about Apprenticeships in England. There is lots
of information about the different types available and you can
access information specific to your local area. You will find the
case studies and sections on Choosing an Apprenticeship useful
– follow the links for By Choosing School Subject (Science or
Maths) and Industry Sectors – Engineering and Electrical.

The Not Going to Uni website offers a full range of options to
young people who may feel that university is not the route for
them. It has a useful section on Apprenticeships and examples
of actual Apprenticeships available in various areas of the
country. You will find that the use of the search facility with your
preferred job roles in Engineering is helpful. NB Your school
Careers and Guidance Adviser/Tutor will also be able to help
you to access information about Apprenticeships in your
local area.