Identifying Features of Working Products

"Product Analysis" and "Reverse Engineering"

Engineers , and Design Engineers, have to be able to recognise the key features of engineered products.

These key features are known as Design Criteria.

Experienced Engineers analyse  a wide range of engineered products and prototypes along with their own design solutions.

By doing this they can find out what works and what doesn’t work and in turn improve their current designs.

"Product Analysis" and "Reverse Engineering"

  • Product Analysis is a way of analysing products against specific criteria.

We can use an acronym to help us remember these criteria. 

The acronym is "ACCESSFM", you will find out more this in your lesson.

Task; Find an engineered product, look at it in detail and write down sentences for A C C E S S F M

Is there anything else you could write sentences about ?

For example Ergonomics? How is is made? How much energy is used to make the product? Is it a good product for the environment? What problems could the user have when using it?

  • Reverse Engineering is all to do with taking a product apart to see how it works in order to copy it or improve the way the product works.

When Reverse Engineering it is usual for engineers to carry out both External and Internal analysis.

External Analysis would use the ACCESSFM criteria and others as mentioned above.

Internal Analysis would use the ACCESSFM criteria as well as looking at individual components, recycling, assembly and the inventiveness of the manufacturer.

Look at the Images of engineered products. They are upright vacuum cleaners designs by various Manufactures.

  • Can you identify the Dyson Hoover?

  • Why do you recognise the Dyson so quickly?

  • What are the other Brands?

  • Why do you think they are all so similar?

  • Can you explain the findings of any Product Analysis or Reverse Engineering?