Here at Paignton Community and Sports Academy, we help our young people to develop an opinion and understanding of what engineering is during the early Key Stages of their education.

Our students soon understand during Key Stage 3 that Engineering is the Practical application of Mathematics, Science and Technology, and that Engineering is dependent upon the other STEM subjects:

"Engineering literally is all around you, well that's what an Engineer will tell you!
A Scientist will tell you that Science is all around you!
A Mathematician will tell  you that Maths is all around you!
A Technologist will tell you that Technology is all around you!
Well the truth is that Science, Mathematics, Technology and Engineering is literally all around you"

Mr Mckenna, Head of Engineering Studies, Paignton Community and Sports Academy.

During key Stage 3 year 7 and 8 Students complete tasks designed to help students  develop  practical skills, Computer Aided design skills and Knowledge of engineering processes.

Students who have decided that a career in Engineering maybe for them are given the opportunity to opt to study engineering in year 9.

We actively encourage our young girls and boys who have a genuine interest in Engineering to study Engineering at Key stage 4.

Students can progress onto both Engineering and Construction Courses at the Academy, and then onto South Devon College for further courses leading to Academic or Apprenticeship routes into good careers,