Preparing for Assessment; The Knowledge you need.

To ensure you are making progress and developing your knowledge, it is essential that you are continually assessed. Your assessment will take the form of answers that you give when questioned in class, classroom tests, home learning tasks and the examination you sit in January 2019.

Here are questions that you will need to be able to answer for your monthly assessments and January Examination.

Developing your knowledge, and preparing for assessment

  • Ensure you have all the correct writing and drawing equipment for every lesson.
  • Work your way through the Questions in the correct order.
  • Answer questions during every lesson as you develop your knowledge.
  • Copy each question into your exercise book.
  • Answer each question as you move through the course.
  • Answer in full sentences and in your neatest writing.
  • Use a ruler and pencil to draw all diagrams.
  • Add descriptive labels to each drawing using a ruler and pen.
  • Use colour pencils to improve quality of all diagrams.
  • Always take time to read what you have written.Does its make sense?